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Meet Our Chairman & Directors


Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Narayan.R.Bandekar

Mr. Narayan R. Bandekar is the founder of the NRB Group and the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company.

Over the years, he has proven his mettle as a resilient etrepreneur capable of turning the odds in his favour.

He oversees the activities of the entire Group and is responsible for deploying the Group’s Strategic vision. |  Tel: +91 0823 2512848


Technical Director

Mr. Nitin Bandekar

Mr. Nitin Bandekar is Technical Director mainly oversees its manufacturing and mining operations.

He received his Electrical Degree from Bangalore University.

He is actively involved in all aspects of the manufacturing and mining division and is well known and respected in the professional community. |  Tel: +91 0823 2512848



Mr. Amit Bandekar

Mr. Amit Bandekar heads the NRB Group‘s hospitality & Pharma Vertical's.

He is mainly involved in all aspects of Hospitality and Pharmaceuticals .

He is armed with an M.B.A. degree from San Diego State University C.A., U.S.A.

He has brought to the business a fresh new creative and reasoned approach. |  Tel: +91 0823 2512848

About NRB Group

The NRB Group is the pride of Goa’s business landscape. The flagship business of the company is production and export of iron Ore. We own mining leases in Goa and export ore primarily to China and also trade domestically.

However, over the years, we have ventured into diverse businesses like mining, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, hospitality, event management, fitness and wellness, besides sponsoring various enterprises and social needs.

Guided by the astute vision nd years of experience of the Group’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Narayan R. Bandekar, the NRB Group’s reputation is second to none in Goa.

A graduate  from the prestigious Wadia College, Pune, Narayan Bandekar has been involved in business from the young age of 24. He started his career with the iron  ore manufacturing and exports firm started by his illustrious father, Late Mr.Rajaram N S Bandekar.

Mr. Bandekar was the president for two consequitive years of Goa’s premier cross sector business and industry body, the 107 year old Goa Chamber  of Commerce and Industry which  installed him as President in 2013 & also 2017. He also Chairs the Goa Mining Association, a leading voice of Goa’s foremost export business body.

Accolades  have come Mr. Bandekar’s way aplenty. Among which, he cherishes the ‘ Best Social Worker of the State Award’ bestowed on him by the Social Welfare Department, Government of Goa in 2013- for his exemplary work and dedication to social causes in the State.

The NRB Group has also been constructively involved in providing considerable amount annually, over the years, towards CSR for the welfare and Socio – Economic development of the communities around the mining area in particular and donations to institutes like schools, old- age homes, health care, sports promotion, cultural and artistic activities, among other worthy causes.

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